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The purpose of this section is to provide highlights and noteworthy appearances of US Asians/APA's on television shows and films. This includes people on both sides of the camera from actors, directors, writers, special effects personnel, camera people and producers.


Oct 29 - Nov. 5:

  • AA TV Directors!
  • Lucy Liu sightings
  • Stacy on Baywatch!

November 6 - 12:

  • More Lucy Liu sightings
  • James Wong Howe
  • Amy Tan sighting

November 13 - 19:

  • We Serve w/Pride is on
  • Sessue Hayakawa can be seen
  • Internet Film Festival

November 20 - 26:

  • Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon
  • Susie Park is on Level 9
  • Tamlyn is on Nash Bridges

November 27 - December 3:

  • Joan Chen's "Xiu" is on
  • Sandra Oh sighting
  • John Lone can be seen


Ratings and market share are the "bottom line" that the entertainment companies judge what programs are on and/or off television.

We need to support the new programming that displays accurate imagery that is being produced and support past viable programs - as we are the best judges. If we, as a community, don't support this type of programming - no one else will.


Additional information on the shows can be found at the following:


Information from listings on the major network television stations (i.e. CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX), cable stations (i.e. HBO, ShowTime, CineMax, Lifetime, Sci-Fi, PAX, A&E, etc.), "Super Stations" (i.e. UPN, WGN, TNT, TBS), PBS shows, etc. from many resources will be listed. Visit the websites listed below for specific information on shows of interest.


In honor of Thanksgiving, listed below are some people and film that our communities should be thankful for and always remembered.

NORMAN MINETA - the first APA Cabinet member is a Japanese American who was in a detention camp during WW II. In 1971, he became Mayor of San Jose; later elected to the US House of Representative & Chairman of the Public Works & Transportation Committee. Mineta was instrumental in the Voting Rights Act reauthorization bills passage, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, & many other important pieces of legislation. This year, Mr. Mineta became the chairman of the Commission on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders. Afterward he retired from Congress & became V.P. of Lockheed/Martin. In June 2000, he was named Chair of President Clinton's Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders before he became part of Clinton's cabinet.

WE SERVED WITH PRIDE - The Chinese American Experience In WWII" is a one-hour length docu-feature film by Montgomery Hom about the Chinese American experience during WWII. Five years in the making, the film provides a powerful and insightful first-hand look into the lives of Chinese American veterans who participated in major battles overseas, as well as Chinese American civilians who worked on the homefront, service organizations, and in defense work. Their untold stories, interwoven with period re-creations, original news footage and rare photos, brings to the screen a visually moving portrait of the Chinese American veteran experience. The film is narrated by actress Ming-Na (Joy Luck Club, Mulan, ER) and award-winning television journalist David Louie (ABC/KGO TV, San Francisco).

JUDGE JOHN AISO - Judge John Aiso was the highest-ranking nisei--second-generation Japanese American to serve in the U.S. armed forces during World War II. Aiso, an appellate justice, was also the first nisei appointed to the federal bench. Aiso graduated from Hollywood High, Brown University & Harvard Law School. During World War II, he rose to lieutenant colonel and, upon discharge, pursued a distinguished career in California as a judge in the municipal, superior and appellate courts. He died in 1988 at the age of 78.

ANGELA BARAQUIO - became the first ethnic Asian to win the Miss America contest in October 2000. This Filipina, who was born on June 1, 1976, comes from a large family, plays the piano, sings and plays various sports. She has hosted a local tv show where she interviewed celebrities like Babyface, Ice T and Cypress Hill. (note: 2nd place went to Ms. California - Rita Ng)

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